GT.TV features Treyarch’s anticipated first person shooter in this week’s episode and the complete episode has been uploaded for all to watch online.

Desciption reads: This week GTTV jumps into future warfare, with exclusive campaign, multiplayer, and zombie reveals from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. (21:08)

Geoff Keighley goes behind the scenes at Treyarch at Santa Monica, LA to get a peek at a never-before-seen campaign mission called “Monsoon,” a look at the Hijacked multiplayer map, and a preview of Zombies and its Theater mode.

Check out more gameplay footage of all the game’s new modes and much more right here on the GT.TV website.

[Update] GT.TV have released part two of Behind the Design with Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Treyarch discusses the game’s single player campaign in the episode here.

[Update #2] GT.TV meets with the team behind Black Ops II to discuss the multiplayer portion of the game in another part of Behind the Design here.