Treyarch have divulged much more information on the re-vamped multiplayer mode in their upcoming first-person shooter, Black Ops II. Many press members got a chance to head over to Santa Monica, LA to visit Treyarch Studios and preview the mode and it’s many new features.

The team at Treyarch already revealed many major features heading to multiplayer during the first part of the reveal at GamesCom, such as the Pick 10 system, Scorestreaks, Live-streaming, etc. Today, David Vonderhaar detailed the rest of the latest features.

Let’s start of with Game Modes: Call of Duty: Black Ops II offers four main game-modes in multiplayer. Core game types, the standard matches such as TDM, Domination, FFA, Demolition, HQ, CTF, Search and Destroy are returning. Plus, Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint are also included.

From these Core game types, three are available as “multi-team,” meaning more than one team can play: TDM, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed. Multi-team can support up to six teams in a game.

Wager Matches are returning in a different playlist in multiplayer, as “Party Games.” These are fan-favorite games, such as Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, Sharpshooter, and One in the Chamber – which will all be available at launch. More may be added along the way.

Finally, Combat Training is returning in Black Ops 2. To introduce multiplayer to those players that don’t really play online, Treyarch have integrated the mode with the player’s “online rank.” Boot Camp Mode drops players in a 6vs.6 match – three human and three AI bots on each team. Levels 1-10 are kept as part of the public MP rank.

In Objective game modes in CT, player can rank up past level 10, but are not awarded full amount of XP. It is still set up as Boot Camp, three bots and three humans on each side. Objective includes all objective modes, except Search and Destroy.

Bot Stomp, the classic mode in Combat Training, puts a six-player team in a deathmatch against a team of bots. It’s a great place for practice, to learn the maps, and get into multiplayer. No XP is earned in the mode, however.

Challenges in Black Ops 2: Challenges are included in multiplayer as a method to reward those that “branch out from their usual comfort zone and and experience more content.” Each challenge offer XP plus customization features and cosmetic content – such as camos and reticles. Thousands of challenges are available.

Players can also unlock playcard backgrounds and emblems through challenges. Emblem Editor is back andis bigger and better, including many options – supporting 32 layers and transparencies and a RGB color picker. More than 150 shapes and backgrounds are available, some have to be unlocked.

Theater Mode Returns: Theater Mode is back and has some major improvements. Integrated social features such as “Bookmark” allow players to bookmark gameplays to revisit later, MetaData has been enhanced to include captures, score, time and date, and more. The Community Filter has been added to sort videos to the player’s preference.

Treyarch has upgraded the Theater mode to allow 20 clips in a film, twice as much as their previous games. It also lets players combine these clips so they can free the other slots for more footage. Dolly Cam is also returning, a missing feature in Modern Warfare 3. Finally, Highlight Reel is a feature that automatically creates a film, using a click of a button.

Challenging Assumptions, Prestige System: Prestiging in Black Ops II has been changed drastically from past games in the series. No longer does Prestige reset everything as this time, weapon experience, attachments, and Challenge progress carry over, picking up where the player left off. Plus, each time you Prestige (10 total), the player gets one prestige tokens and one of the following: Create a Class slot, Stats Reset, or Refund.

Treyarch revealed three never-before-seen multiplayer maps: Express, Hijacked, and Plaza. Express is a bullet train station in future Los Angeles. Overflow is set in a rundown area of Pakistan. Hijacked is a private yacht, with close quarter engagements.

What do you think of the revealed multiplayer features? Check out the OneofSwords blog post for more details.

  • Richard

    Combat Training will be for matchmaking. But will they also still have CT as a private setting with custom settings and such just like in Black Ops 1?

    • Richard

      Nevermind, I was right. Just read it from another blog.

    • s_dar14

      Yes, it will also have a private setting.

  • stephen

    still nothing about elite migration with mw3 and black ops II needs to know then can decide whether or not to get the hardened edition