The wait is over Zombies fans! Treyarch have released the official 2-minute World Premiere trailer for the returning fan-favorite co-op mode in this year’s addition in the Call of Duty series.

“The carnage is back” reads the description of the Zombies Reveal trailer. Treyarch gives us a first look at Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the new trailer, featuring Avenged Sevenfold’s latest track, “Carry On.” The trailer has been embedded below for viewing, check it out!

Treyarch and Activision have unveiled loads of information on the Zombies cooperative mode today, including a look at the new playable characters, new maps, weapons, and three game modes.

  • Zombies, for the first time, introduces an all new campaign mode, Tranzit, in which players are let out in an open location, free to explore the “big, giant, expansive world,” according to Joystiq. Players can travel from area to area, by foot or bus, but make sure to keep the Zombies off the ride.
  • “Survival” drops players in a selected map to fight hoards of Zombies in that location, similar to the classic Zombies experience that you’re used to, and see how long you can last. Locations in the mode are “carved out” from the Tranzit world and support 4-player co-op or solo gameplay.
  • Lastly, Treyarch revealed Grief, also known as “4z4.” This mode puts players into a four vs. four vs. Zombies  deathmatch, and the goal is to be the last team standing at the end of the match. While human teams cannot attack each other, players will be able to put the opposing teams members into tough situations, hence the name of the mode.
  • The shift into the multiplayer engine has given Treyarch more options with Zombies. The mode will now have “extensive stats” for the player, leaderboards, improved matchmaking, and the option to create custom games (allowing players to make tweaks to the gameplay).
  • Four new characters have been introduced to Zombies, including a female character. In addition, there are more Zombie types included – new “standard Zombies” and “special Zombies.” More details are still to be revealed.

If you want to know more about Zombies, head over to Joystiq and Polygon for details and previews.