It appears Xbox has jumped the gun on revealing a few screens of the upcoming Zombies mode in Treyarch’s newest first person shooter.

Treyarch is gearing up for the World Reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s Zombies, unveiling tomorrow September 26, 2012. Prior to the reveal however, the Xbox dashboard published a pair of new screens from the mode.

Fans got a preview at the mode in the short teaser released a few days back, but besides that, Activision has kept the lid on any other details of the awaited Zombies mode. Dont fret as all will be revealed tomorrow during official World Premiere.

What do you think we’ll be seeing in the reveal tomorrow? Check out the images below.

[Update] Four brand-new multiplayer images have also surfaced on the Xbox dashboard ahead of the Multiplayer Reveal at the Eurogamer Expo. Images can be seen here.