Treyarch’s Game Design Director, David Vonderhaar, took to the official Call of Duty forums to detail the multiplayer level progression and unlocking systems in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Vahn starts off by re-stating that the game features 55 levels, and the amount of total XP needed to prestige is similar to that of World at War and Modern Warfare 1; however, with a faster rate of ranking up as medals and challenges add to your XP.

Much like previous games in the series, Create-a-Class will unlock at level 4, and each time you level up, you are provided one unlock token (so at level 4, you have 4 tokens to use).

Plus, at level 4, you are given around a dozen items for free, one item from each category: 1 Assault Rifle, 1 SMG, 1 LMG, 1 Shotgun, 1 Sniper Rifle, 1 Perk from each of the 3 perk categories, 1 lethal grenade, and 1 tactical grenade/equipment.

In addition, you are given other items to spend the unlock tokens on, again including one item from each category and Wildcards.

“You get a perk at level 5. You get equipment at level 6…At level 7 we unlock Scorestreaks. You get 3 for free and 3 you can optionally spend unlock tokens on…At level 8 we give you a Perk. At level 9 we give you new Scorestreak.”

Now, reaching level ten, you’ll begin to notice a pattern: “At level 10, we start to settle into a pattern. Their are exceptions, but the pattern is generally like this. At every major rank change, which is every 3 levels, we give you a gun and usually “something else” as a bonus for reaching a major rank change.”

In general, it goes like this.

  • Level 10 – Weapon + Something Else
  • Level 11 – Equipment (either lethal or tatical).
  • Level 12 – Scorestreak

This pattern repeats through all 55 levels with some minor statistical variations or bonuses when they make sense and because they math can’t be perfect.

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