Neversoft Entertainment revealed, back in June, that the developer will be working on an upcoming Call of Duty game, and now, an “insider” from the company has supposedly leaked details on the game, claiming it will be the next installment of the Modern Warfare series.

Se7ensins forum is reporting that a employee of Neversoft has revealed information regarding the studio’s next project, supposedly the next Modern Warfare.

The informant told the site, according to VG24/7“It’s another MW game. There’s something called, ‘Drone Survaillance’. They’re working on ‘HALO’ jumps (High Altitude; Low X.) There is a level under ice. There is cloaking tech. Somethin called a ‘Dominator UAV’.”

It should be kept in mind that this is only rumor at the time and nothing should be considered official unless confirmed by Actvision and Neversoft. The only thing known at the time is that the developer is now part of the Call of Duty team, as they are working on a new game.

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