If you haven’t played Modern Warfare 3 yet, here’s your chance! Sledgehammer Games have just announced that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 demo will be available on Xbox LIVE tomorrow, August 23rd!

Sledgehammer Games have posted, on their blog, that Xbox LIVE members will be able to download the MW3 demo tomorrow for free. The demo will include “Black Tuesday,” the game’s first mission and one of the team’s favorite.

Why have they released the demo months after the game’s release? Surprisingly, there are people who still haven’t gotten a chance to play the game, but now they can!

PlayStation 3 players, stay tuned for details on the PS version of the demo, which is coming soon!

  • Josh A.

    I don’t think there’s was any download link for MW3 demo when I checked. It had a rating of 2 stars!