Infinity Ward have released Patch 1.15 for Modern Warfare 3 on PC and Patch 1.19 on PlayStation 3 today, and have announced a Double Weapon XP event through the weekend!

Today the official Call of Duty forums were updated with details on the second Title Update on PS3 and a Patch for the game on PC.

Here are the PlayStation 3 TU notes:

  • Update to Face Off logic
  • Improvements to lag compensation
  • Support for Elite drops 19-24
  • Fix for XM25 challenges not registering
  • Added logic to make Terminal count as an original map
  • Fix for players changing a UAV into a second Ballistic Vest pointstreak
  • Fixed Elite Web issue when sending custom classes with attachment proficiency on second primary

And, here are the Patch 1.15 notes for PC (after the break):

  • Valve Anti-Cheat fix to prevent VAC banned players from accessing MW3 MP servers
  • Support for Terminal to autodownload as part of the patch
  • Update to Face Off spawn logic
  • Weapon balance changes for Assault Rifles & SMGs
  • Adding all previous hot fixes

In other news, Modern Warfare 2’s fan-favorite multiplayer map, Terminal, is now available to all players, on all consoles, and on PC! In celebration, Infinity Ward have scheduled a Double Weapon XP weeken on Modern Warfare 3. Will you be getting your golden guns?