The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! After all the waiting and the teasing from the devs, Treyarch has released the official Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer trailer.

Yes, today we get our first multiplayer look of this year’s upcoming blockbuster that is Call of Duty: Black Ops II. We’re not going to make you wait any longer, check out the trailer below! Keep scrolling down for a mini-breakdown of the trailer and links to other online breakdown videos.

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Treyarch has included a heap of content in the all-new multiplayer trailer, and considering that you might have missed a few details in the extensive video, we’ve composed a mini-breakdown/list emphasizing key scenes and information that should be brought to attention.

Here we go, the mini-breakdown!

  • The trailer opens on a new multiplayer map, featuring a desert-like setting, confirmed to be called “Turbine.” Note: If you didn’t notice, the game’s audio has been greatly enhanced as Treyarch promised. (0.04)
  • Class ‘set-up’ screens are seen floating through the trailer – reveals three attachments for primaries and two for secondaries, six slots for perks, and two equipements. (0.10)
  • ‘Select Fire’ option (Burst, Auto, Single, etc) has been provided on guns, maybe as an attachment. (0.11)
  • Some new equipment, the ‘Shock Charge,’ make an appearance – stuns the opponent for a specific amount of time. (0.12)
  • New Red Dot Sight is shown, allows player to see enemies through objects/walls and smoke using some type of pulse wave. (0.22)
  • Dive-to-prone/Dolphin dive makes a return. (0.24)
  • The bottom left-hand corner informs the player of how many points are needed to win the game. (0.32 and throughout the video)
  • A look at the new ‘Guardian’ killstreak/equipment – a turret that disorientates the opponent. (0.36)
  • Footage of gameplay on the multiplayer map “Aftermath.” (0.43)
  • Quadrotors make an appearance in multiplayer, called ‘Dragonfire.’ (0.45)
  • Futuristic new launcher, the FHJ-18 AA, is shown taking down the Quadrotor. (0.55)
  • Riot-shields make a return, as always, and are supposedly deployable.(0.59)
  • A.G.R. is dropped in a crate, as the announcer says “Hostile A.G.R” inbound. David Vonderhaar confirmed that the A.G.R. is not a CLAW as previously suspected. (1.08)
  • Tomahawks are back with a new, futuristic, look. (1.22)
  • Attack Dogs will be returning as a killstreak in multiplayer. (1.25)
  • A new no-scope-attached sniper-rifle is seen being used. (1.30)
  • Kamikaze Drone, possibly a new killstreak, dives down and kills a player. (1.47)
  • A new gamemode is announced, called ‘Multi-team Deathmatch.” Spectator and ‘eSports’ sections are shown as well. (1.57)

If you think we missed something, let us know by commenting below! Plus, check out below, the best breakdown videos that have been uploaded online. We’ll update the list daily. Here they are: