Eric Hirshberg, Activision’s Chief Executive Officer of Publishing Unit, hints at the possibility of bringing the free-to-play micro-transaction-based Call of Duty to other locations and markets, in the recent earnings call.

The company first announced their long term relationship with Tencent to bring the online shooter, Call of Duty Online, to the Chinese audience. Now, Activision is considering the option to expand the title to other countries. Hirshberg explains:

“I think we look at the Call of Duty Online game in China on its own merit as a great opportunity”, Hirshberg explained, “That’s not to say that we won’t gain learnings about how it works in the micro-transaction-based format for the game. And there are a few other regions where that would be very relevant. So — but we certainly are not ready to announce any plans in that regard.”

What do you think of bringing Call of Duty Online to other audiences?