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Monthly Archives: July 2012

MW3 August Xbox DLC Officially Detailed

Earlier yesterday, next month’s upcoming DLC for Xbox premium Elite members, surfaced online revealing the Spec Ops missions ‘Light ‘Em Up’ and ‘Special Delivery.’ Turns out, the information is completely real according to a recent Videogamer exclusive that confirms the approaching content drops.

The first official details on the August drops have been disclosed in an interview with Michael Condrey, Co-founder & Chief Development Officer at Sledgehammer Games. The DLC is due to release in “the next few weeks,” first to Xbox 360 Elite premium members. Activision have provided screenshots of the Spec Ops missions: Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery.

“Light ‘Em Up is set after Modern Warfare 3’s single-player campaign and sees two SAS operatives storming an Eastern European stronghold to rescue a teammate” write Videogamer. And “Special Delivery takes players to a hydroelectric dam at the base of a Chinese river to rescue a Read more »

August PlayStation 3 Content 16-18 Dated

Infinity Ward has officially announced and dated the next set of drops, already out on Xbox LIVE for Elite premium members, for those with premium status on PlayStation 3.

Content drops 16-18 will be available online on the 16th of August for premium Elite members on the console, consisting of two new multiplayer maps Decommission and Offshore, along with Vertigo, the Spec Ops mission. Terminal, the fan-favorite MW2 map, will also be out on the same day as a free map for the subscribers.

Next #MW3 PS3 Elite content drops 8/16. Includes: 2 MP maps Decommission & Offshore + Spec Ops mission Vertigo (shown) – Infinity Ward tweet

In other news, David Vonderhaar has uploaded an image on Facebook teasing the awaited multiplayer trailer. In the description, he wrote: “Here is scene 65 from the trailer – presented in all of it’s low definition screen grab glory.” This is the second teaser to be revealed. Previously, Vonderhaar teased a screencap of the ESRB rating of a trailer.

Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery DLC Leaked?

It appears that likely drops of next month’s content set have surfaced online via YouTube user Gamecheat13, as spotted by MP1st forum user Moriarty1975.

The Spec Ops mission content drops: ‘Light ‘Em Up’ and ‘Special Delivery,’ for the month of August have supposedly been uploaded online by the same person leaking possible maps coming in September.


It is confirmed that two Spec Ops mission will be dropping as part of next months content; therefore, it is likely that the leak is proposing real missions. According to a tweet by Infinity Ward’s Community Coordinator, Candice Capen, the drops should be officially revealed this week.

Leaked gameplay of the missions have been taken down by Activision; however, a few images have been collected before it’s removal.

Source: MP1st (Rumor – Modern Warfare 3 August Spec Ops Missions ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Light ‘Em Up’ Screens Leaked)

Loading Screens of September Content Leaked

[UPDATE] Earlier in July, a post on the the MP1st forums leaked five possible upcoming maps of the DLC season: Decommission, Offshore, Boardwalk, Gulch, and Parish. Till now, two of the maps have been confirmed and have released as part of the July content drops.

Today, a YouTube user uploaded a video of loading screens of the next three maps that were rumoured, Boardwalk, Gulch, and Parish. It is known that three pieces of content will drop in September so it is possible that these images are real. Of course, until these are officially confirmed, the maps should be considered only rumours.

[Update] Leaked gameplay of the ‘Parish’ multiplayer map has surfaced online – watch while it’s still up (after the break). Read more »

Black Ops II Multiplayer Playable at GameStop Expo

If you want to get hands-on with with Call of Duty: Black Ops II – and yes, we’re talking campaign and multiplayer – then here’s your chance! San Antonio, Texas will be the location hosting the first ever public GameStop Expo, open not only to employees, but PowerUp Rewards members as well, on August 29th.

“In this five-hour EXPO, you’ll experience the hottest new video games months before they’re released, check out and play your favorite games, enter for chances to win great prizes in drawings from your favorite video game publishers, and enjoy special celebrity appearances and autograph signings.”

Those who stop by the Activision booth have the opportunity to get a ‘hands-on experience’ with the upcoming Treyarch shooter, and that’s including the multiplayer. Check out the official GameStop EXPO 2012 site for more details and ticket info – general admission is $35 and VIP admission stands at $100.

GameStop Expo 2012 may or may not be the location of the multiplayer reveal as Gamescom is rumored to be the hosting event for the reveal; however, attending the expo will get you a chance to play the game for yourself so make sure to grab your tickets soon!

Source: GameStop Corporate’s news release – Expo 2012.

Infinity Ward’s CV Suggests Next-Gen Call of Duty

Superannuation has gotten a scoop on Infinity Ward’s next iteration of Call of Duty, as the anonymous researcher has posted another feature on Kotaku, citing  the resume of Infinity Ward’s lead engineer and project manager, Andrew Aye.

Aye’s resume appears to state that the studio’s ‘unannounced title,’ presumably the next Call of Duty (assumed to be Modern Warfare 4) and possibly set for release next year, will include versions made for future-generation consoles. Platforms noted on the CV include ‘XB2 (Xbox 360), PS3, PC DX11, and TBA’ – which could be the Wii U or the next console from Sony or Microsoft.

It also states that Aye is working to “support game and engine development”, and that the company is responsible of a ‘new high-end DX11 code base.’ What would you like to see in the next-gen versions of Call of Duty? Tell us below in the comments!

Source: CVG and VG247

GTTV’s ‘Hit Points’ Black Ops II Video

Gametrailers’ Hit Points’ series is covering the upcoming Treyarch shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops II in an all-new video, discussing the non-linear and original campaign script, the unique Strike Force mode, and the multiplayer ‘media blitz’ that is on its way – details currently kept under NDA.

“Find out about all the changes in store for the biggest departure from convention since Call of Duty 4. (4:16),” states the description in the video.

Watch a complete recap of the game’s storyline, get details on the ‘futuristic’ new setting, and prepare for the multiplayer media blitz in the near future, all in the ‘Hit Points’ video embedded below (also in the link above).

Sony Revealing Black Ops: Declassified at Gamescom

European game sites are reporting that Sony will be revealing the PS Vita exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified at Gamescom at Germany next month.

Italian site Every Eye and German site Play Front have put up a list of games that will be making an appearance at Sony’s booth at Gamescom – one of which is Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – and have also informed that two new projects will debut at the event. The list is as follows:

Assassin’s Creed III (PS3)
Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified (PSV)
Dust 514 (PSN)
The Last of Us (PS3)
Little Big Planet (franchise update)
PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (PS3, PSV)
Soul Sacrifice (PSV)
The Unfinished Swan (PSN)
Wonder Book: Book of Spells (PS3)

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified reveal during Gamescom right here! Thanks to MP1st for the details.

Terminal Multiplayer Map Dated For PS3

Infinity Ward has dated the multiplayer map Terminal for release on PlayStation 3, and has announced it via Twitter. Elite premium members on the console can expect the map to drop on August 16th, and non-Elite on PSN will receive the map on August 17th.

Terminal will be coming to #MW3 on PS3 August 16th for Elite premium members, August 17th for non-elite. – Infinity Ward

In other news, premium PlayStation 3 Elite users will receive multiplayer maps, Decommission and Offshore, and Spec Ops mission Vertigo in August as well; however, no date has been announced for the drops yet. Also, no date has been given regarding Terminal on PC.

Stay tuned for updates as we find out more.

Update: PC players have been given an update on the release of Terminal. The map will be dropping on the PC the same day, August 17th, free for all players.

Major Fixes Coming to Modern Warfare 3

It’s another busy week for Infinity Ward as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Elite members just recieved their July content drops last week, and today, Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at the company, has tweeted a massive list of updates that will be making its way to Modern Warfare 3 soon.

Rubin has shared many of the fixes that are in preparation to release and others that have already gone live on platforms. Infinity Ward is addressing several of the major issues – lag compensation, spawning and matchmaking, to weapon balancing and upgrades. This is what he posted (after the break): Read more »