IGN presents an exclusive look a the second DLC collection for Modern Warfare 3 and a preview of a new multiplayer mode.

Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward break down Content Collection 2 in this exclusive video to IGN. From the ability to drive a tank to the epic face off mode, Collection 2 is filled with new maps and new gameplay mechanics that you will definitely want to get your hands on. 

Content Collection 2 is packed with all-new content – two new Spec Ops missions: Iron Clad and Kill Switch; three multiplayer maps: Sanctuary, Foundation, and Oasis; and four maps exclusive to the new “Face-Off” game mode.

Face-Off drops players in a one vs. one or two vs. two game of team deathmatch on custom made maps specific to the mode: Aground, Erosion, Getaway, and Lookout. The maps are also available for play in private match and split screen.

More details on the collection and maps can be found on our DLC page (currently being updated).