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Research Firm Claims This Year’s Call of Duty is Black Ops 3

Earlier today, digital game research firm SuperData posted an analysis of their February games sales report, in which they mentioned that this year’s Call of Duty game is supposedly going to be Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.


“Despite a month-over-month decline for Destiny, dropping 30% to $9.9 million, Activision is still going strong with no fewer than three titles in the top ten list of worldwide digital console games. According to the company’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, the Advanced Warfare franchise has now generated over $1 billion in sales. Hirshberg also stated that DLC sales were up year-over-year, indicating that a growing subset of the traditional console gaming audience is adopting digital distribution. This month’s success sets the stage for the hotly anticipated fall release of Call of Duty Black Ops 3.”

During the time of this writing, Activision has only confirmed that this year’s title will be developed by Treyarch Studios. The publisher has made no official statement or announcement on the details of this year’s game, and probably won’t for another few months.

[UPDATE] The research firm updated their market report to add that the claim that Treyarch is developing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was, essentially, an assumption, therefore, it is not a confirmation of any sort.

Re: Call of Duty Black Ops III, Activision’s CEO made an announcement in February that Treyarch would release a new installment in the CoD series. Since this is the same studio that developed Black Ops II in 2012, it stands to reason that he’s referring to Black Ops III.

Source: VG24/7

Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC Gameplay Trailer Debuts

The second map pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, “Ascendance,” is making its way to Xbox platforms at the end of this month. Earlier today, Activision and Sledgehammer Games dropped the first gameplay trailer of the expansion pack.


Later this month, Ascendance, the second Advanced Warfare multiplayer expansion will be available on Xbox LIVE, featuring four brand-new multiplayer maps, the OHM multiplayer hybrid weapon and weapon variant, part two of the Exo Zombies co-op experience, and the all-new Exo Grapple playlist.

During the 2015 Call of Duty Championship finals on Sunday, March 29th at 1:00pm, Sledgehammer Games will debut the Exo Zombies ‘Infection’ trailer, giving fans a first look at part two of the Zombies co-op experience coming with Ascendance. Check out the gameplay trailer after the break.  Read more »

Advanced Warfare’s Ascendance DLC Comes to Xbox on March 31

Earlier today, Sledgehammer Games and Activision announced that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s second expansion pack is coming first to Xbox platforms on March 31 along with a variety of new multiplayer maps, a new directed-energy weapon, and the second chapter of Exo Zombies.


Four all-new multiplayer maps come packed with the game’s upcoming expansion pack –Site 244, Climate, Chop Shop, and Perplex, each of which provide for excellent battlegrounds for the new Exo Grappling ability coming to multiplayer as part of Ascension. Players will be able to try out the mechanic in multiplayer for the first time in an exclusive playlist for the map pack.

“The all-new Exo Grapple ability playlist that introduces the Exo Grapple ability to multiplayer. Exo Grapple gives players a faster way to reach strategic vantage points or a brutal secondary weapon to take down the competition, exclusively on Ascendance maps.”

  • Perplex – Venture to the streets of Sydney and battle through a five-story modular apartment complex. With elevated vantages and tight corridors, Perplex is small-to-medium sized map that fits variety of play styles. Construction drones will shake things up, however, as they shift apartment modules and create new strategic pathways.
  • Site 244 – An alien craft has crash-landed beneath Mt. Rushmore, USA, making for an awesome medium-to-large sized three-lane map littered with extraterrestrial debris. Gain a competitive edge by earning the map-based scorestreak to open an alien spore that enhances your perks and exo abilities.
  • Climate – Settle in to your dome away from home in Climate—a lush climate-controlled bio dome. With a circular layout with a central island structure for teams to fight for control of, Climate keeps the pace of the action high. The tides can turn, however, when the rivers begin to rage and become a treacherous obstacle.
  • Chop Shop – Discover the seedy underbelly of the unauthorized exoekeleton trade in Chop Shop, a medium-sized industrial complex with a devastating map-based scorestreak: the Advanced Repulsion Turret.

“The Exo Zombies saga continues in the all-new episode, Infected, as the four Atlas employees, portrayed by the returning celebrity cast of John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, RED, Burn After Reading), Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, Scream), and Jon Bernthal (Fury) fight tooth and nail through undead zombie hordes. Located on the outskirts of an Atlas facility, the new Exo Zombies episode introduces a slew of never-before-seen undead masses, a robust arsenal of new traps and armaments and everyone’s favorite fast food joint, Burgertown.”

Lastly, Ascendance will also bring another new weapon to Advanced Warfare multiplayer – the OHM directed energy hybrid weapon, featuring switchable LMG and shogun modes. The OHM and OHM Werewolf variant are available right now for Xbox Season Pass holders.

Ascendance, the second Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare expansion is set to release on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on March 31st, and the premiere trailer  for the DLC will be shown at the Call of Duty Championships on March 29.

Source: Activision

Former Call of Duty Lead Designer Returns to Infinity Ward, Executive Producer Mark Rubin Departs

Long-time executive producer on the 2013 game, Call of Duty: Ghosts – Mark Rubin, has departed his position at Infinity Ward, Activision confirmed earlier today, and former Call of Duty lead designer, Todd Alderman, is coming back to the studio as a multiplayer project director, after almost five years since his departure.


“The chance to come back to Infinity Ward and Call of Duty is something I didn’t think would ever happen. It’s been five years since I’ve been here and a lot has changed. There are a lot of new faces and motivated people who want to make something great. It’s a really cool game concept that I want to be a part of. I can’t wait to see what we do with a three-year dev cycle.”

“I’m excited to be back,” Alderman told Polygon in a prepared statement.

The development studio has seen many changes since the past few years. Early last year, Activision announced that the Call of Duty franchise would be moving to a three-year development cycle, and back in May, Neversoft shut down, with most of the staff being brought over to Infinity Ward, adding around a hundred more employees.

“This is about hiring the best talent for the right position,” said Infinity Ward studio head, David Stohl. Read more »

Treyarch is Developing 2015’s Call of Duty, Scheduled For Fall Release

During their fourth quarter earnings call, publisher Activision confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty game will be developed by Treyarch, and is set to release towards the end of this year.


This year’s Call of Duty game will be the first from Treyarch to have a three-year development cycle. The first Call of Duty title to be developed as part of the three year cycle was this year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from Sledgehammer Games. While Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg couldn’t share any details about the title, he did mention that the game will be “loaded with innovation.”

Treyarch is the developer behind Call of Duty 3, World at War, Black Ops, and most recently, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Earlier this morning, the developer also tweeted out the major announcement.

During the earnings call, Eric Hirshberg also revealed that Advanced Warfare has now crossed $1 billion in sales. Furthermore, he also said that DLC sales, both of the game’s DLC pass and individual purchases, are up year-over-year.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Havoc” Live Action Trailer

Less than a week prior to the map pack’s official release, Sledgehammer Games has dropped another trailer for the upcoming DLC, “Havoc,” which comes to Xbox LIVE on Tuesday, January 27.


Ever wonder who’s on the other side of the KillCam? Meet Randall Higgins, the KillCameraman. With all of the mayhem-inducing content loaded into Havoc, the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Randall’s going to have to elevate his game to keep up.

The first Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare expansion pack, Havoc, brings four new multiplayer maps, an all-new bonus weapon, and Exo Zombies — a terrifying new co-op mode only available in Advanced Warfare DLC. Havoc is available January 27th on Xbox LIVE. Watch the all-new live-action trailer after the break.  Read more »

First Details of Advanced Warfare’s “Havoc” Map Pack Emerge

Earlier today, GameStop updated their site with a product listing for the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare expansion pack, “Havoc,” along with the first descriptions on all the content.


Later this month, the first Advanced Warfare downloadable content pack is coming to Xbox LIVE, packed with a wide variety of content, including four multiplayer maps, a bonus AE4 directed energy assault rifle and a custom variant, and the all-new Exo Zombies co-op experience. Description of each of the included contents can be seen below.

  • Core: Deploy to the Gobi desert where the ravaged ruins of a nuclear fusion plant set the stage for a high-octane warzone. Take down enemies through the wreckage in long-range combat or get up-close and personal in the tunnels surrounding the central turbine. Activate decontamination drones using the map-based scorestreak to help clean out the competition.
  • Urban: Prepare yourself for brutal, high-speed combat in Dallas Ward 3, a future mega structure, funneling players into a close-quarters free-for-all. This modular compound’s verticality unleashes the exoskeleton’s capabilities. Stay focused during the timed event as blast doors alter the map’s flow and sightlines.
  • Sideshow: In the shadow of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, this abandoned motel’s open layout amplifies its creep factor. Blast your way through the clown inn with close-quarters battles or use long-range site-lines from the mining facilities and natural terrain. Use the map-based scorestreak to activate the lights, music, and magic of the clown marquee and rain down a barrage of rainbow smoke-trailed cannonballs.
  • Drift: An idyllic ski resort high in the Rocky Mountains is transformed into a festive high-altitude playground, perfect for an all-out firefight. Make your way to the highly contested overwatch position in the glass observation deck or take a ride on the carousel to deliver 360 degrees of carnage. Players can use the map-altering timed event to their advantage as an avalanche of snow and debris disorients players, intensifying the battle.

Sledgehammer Games is bringing a new breed of Zombies to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

“A DNA bioweapon unexpectedly spawns a bloodthirsty, ravenous mutant horde infecting an entire secret Atlas research facility and sending personnel running for their lives. Following a failed evacuation, four survivors, un-trained and underprepared, must face the most vicious mutations ever unleashed.”

“The unique Exo Zombies co-op experience is all-new to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC. This new mode brings the movements, abilities, and weapons of the exoskeleton into battle against the undead.”

Source: GameStop



Activision and Sledgehammer Announce Call of Duty Championship 2015

Earlier today, Activision, Sledgehammer Games, and MLG announced that the Call of Duty Championship is coming back this year, where 32 of the world’s best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players will battle it out for a share of the $1 million prize pool. Like previous years, the tournament will be held in Los Angeles and will be presented by Xbox.


From Friday, March 27th to Sunday, March 29th, 32 of the best Call of Duty teams from all around the world will return to Los Angeles, CA to compete in an attempt to claim the World Champions title from last year’s winners and the tournament’s $1 million prize pool.

“From Day 1, the team at Sledgehammer Games set out to bring a new way to play Call of Duty multiplayer to fans. We couldn’t be more thrilled of how the competitive community has embraced and mastered the new player movements and game modes of Advanced Warfare,” said Michael Condrey, co-founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games. “This is posed to be one of the most exciting Call of Duty competitive seasons with the Call of Duty Championship being one of the best eSports tournaments of the year.”

Furthermore, Glen Schofield, co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games added: “We developed Advanced Warfare with the competitive community in mind, and we can’t wait for the top talent from around the world to compete in the Call of Duty

The best Call of Duty teams from five continents, covering Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe, will contend for their place in Call of Duty history at the Call of Duty Championship. Fans will be able to watch the qualifiers on, with the semi-finals and finals being broadcasted on both Xbox LIVE and

For more details, check out the official MLG website. Watch the announcement trailer after the break.  Read more »

Advanced Warfare’s Opening Season of Ranked Play Begins on January 9

Earlier today, Sledgehammer Games announced, on their official blog, that the Opening Season of Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare starts on January 9th, 2015.


“We’re excited to announce that the Opening Season for Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare starts January 9th, 2015. In Ranked Play, players will be matched with similar skilled opponents and compete in 4 vs. 4 matches in game modes like Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Uplink, and Hardpoint with eSports settings enabled. Winning a match earns points towards being promoted into the next division. Losing a match, or forfeiting by leaving the game will result in a penalty by loss of points. You’ll have until January 31st to play matches and be promoted through divisions before this inaugural season ends.”

Ranked Play features seven different divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Masters. Finally, players who make it into the top 100 in the Masters division will be promoted to and counted as “Grand Masters.” Sledgehammer Games has created exclusive Divisional Gear for each Division Ranking that will be awarded at the end of each season for use in multiplayer, Ranked Play, and Exo Survival.

To rise up in the ranks of each Division, players will need to reach a total of 100 division points, and also complete a “Division Promotion Challenge (best of three matches). For every victory, the player will be awarded between 15 to 25 division points. For every loss against opponents, the player will drop 10 to 20 points.

Sledgehammer Games has also detailed the full list of rules and setting for Ranked Play in Advanced Warfare, the Division Breakdown, and a look at the Division Gear, all of which can be seen after the break or on the official announcement postRead more »

Advanced Warfare Havok DLC Drops on Xbox LIVE on January 27

Developer Sledgehammer Games has dropped the first details on the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare map pack, “Havok,” which, according to the promotional poster, will be coming first to Xbox LIVE on January 27.


Players who purchase the game’s first downloadable pack will get access to four brand-new multiplayer maps: Drift, Sideshow, Core, and Urban. Furthermore, the map pack will also feature the bonus AE4-Widowmaker Directed Energy Assault Rifle and the awaited Exo Zombies four player Survival co-op mode.

Players can look forward to more details on the map pack in the coming weeks, according to Sledgehammer. Xbox LIVE players can look forward to the getting the DLC on Tuesday, January 27, with the PlayStation and PC release to follow.

Take a look at the promotional poster after the break. According to Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey, players should be able to notice something interesting in the artwork of the Drift map.  Read more »

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